Douglas CountyFairgrounds

About the Project

This website was created for the Douglas County Fairgrounds, a building complex and racetrack hosting events all year around, including the annual Douglas County Fair. The client came to us with a unique problem of how to direct traffic within their site. Most site visitors are looking for details about the upcoming fair, and because this event has so much information, we decided to break it apart from the rest of the website. Now, when visiting the DC Fairgrounds website, users are prompted to either visit the Fair site, or the Fairgrounds Complex site. Both websites have their own unique look and feel, but with similar navigation and organization.

My Role

My primary role in this project was front-end development. I chose Zurb's Foundation as my CSS Framework because it was lightweight enough not to slow down pageload, but robust enough to provide me with page components I knew I'd need. For example, many of the internal pages on the Complex Site have accordian containers to tuck away non-essential information and lightboxes for users who need to see detailed floorplans.