About the Project

This project was a class assignment to create a print campaign for a brand of my choice. I worked with a friend who wrote the clever copy in the designs. We chose Fender because we both had a relationship with the brand and we wanted our message to mirror that sentimental relationship we both had with Fender.

My Role

My role was primarily design, although I did brainstorming and strategy with my partner as well. We both thought that stories are easy ways for people to connect, so our campaign followed that strategy. Each double page spread focuses on a different stage in a guitar’s life: From starting out as just a piece of wood in a forest, to being shaped into an actual instrument, to being used by a musician. The copy mirrors this concept and tone, while also touching on the fact that Fender is an American-made guitar company, and that the people who cut down those trees, make the guitars, and buy the guitars are all Americans.

What I Learned

This project was a great way for me to think about strategy and to focus on how the message of a campaign should be consistent throughout all of its materials.