About the Project

Every year, the American Advertising Federation has a competition (the National Student Advertising Competition) between colleges to see who can create the most effective ad campaign. This work was not published, but rather presented to judges as a sort of mock campaign. I was a part of the University of Oregon’s chapter, where we placed third at regionals. Last year, our client was Glidden Paint and as the designer of the group, my main task was creating a campaign book that displayed our creative executions, research, strategy, media plan, and budget.

My Role

My role was primarily book design, but as a member of the group, I also designed and helped come up with creative executions, and I contributed to conversations about the direction of our campaign and strategy. I also designed a Keynote presentation and posters which we used at the regional competition.

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What I Learned

I have never received more experience with working in a group in my life. That’s the best way I can explain it. I was able to work with sixteen talented teammates which was empowering and instructive, but also chaotic and at times incredibly unproductive. But we learned. After working as a whole in a somewhat democratic system, we split up into small groups (creative, strategy, media) which proved to be far more powerful and effective.