OR Magazine

About the Project

OR Magazine is the first student-run iPad magazine at the University of Oregon (and in the country). This “digital magazine” focuses on human-interest stories about the state of Oregon. I had many responsibilities for this publication (see other OR Mag page), but this page explains the one-page responsive website I worked on.

My Role

My role for this project was to work with a front-end coder to create a website for OR Magazine. We decided that the site should serve a few basic functions: Explain what OR is, provide a download link to the apple store, show off its beautiful new cover, and provide ways of connecting either by social media or email. I didn’t see any reason we should make some huge, full-blown website (especially because we didn’t want to give away any of our magazine content), so we decided on a simplistic approach.

What I Learned

This was maybe my second time designing responsively, so to say that I learned a lot would be an understatement. I came to realize that minimal is always better with responsive design, and since I had some coding knowledge, I was able to make better design choices because I knew what problems my developer friend would be encountering.