OR Magazine

About the Project

OR Magazine is the first student-run iPad magazine at the University of Oregon (and in the country). This “digital magazine” focuses on human-interest stories about the state of Oregon. We produced our issue using Adobe’s Digital Publishing Suite which, at the time, was only a year old and still being developed. Our design team actually came in one day to find that the interface had changed and additional tools had been added.

Download the free app to see my work in the second issue of OR Magazine.

My Role

My responsibilities at OR were to design a few interactive article spreads (or, as Adobe calls them, “stacks”), shoot photos for various stories, and to get the word out about OR by designing a one-page responsive website. For the sake of brevity, I’ve included my favorite stack that I designed and shot many of the photos for. The concept for the article was to interview a variety of Portland “creatives” and ask them about their jobs and their creative processes. I pitched the idea to our staff, who thought it would be a good addition, and I found two friends who were as excited as I was to help with photos and video.

What I Learned

This was the first time I had ever designed for interactivity, specifically for a mobile device, and I was hooked. I was able to experiment with a new format for design (landscape & portrait for the iPad) and I learned about the design considerations that are necessary for interactive design. Such as: “Is this button big enough for someone on an iPad to click?” or “Is it obvious that this text scrolls?”