Erb MemorialUnion

About the Project

The Erb Memorial Union is the student union building at the University of Oregon. In an effort to increase awareness about the great programs & activities offered there, our office decided to make student academic planners for the 2013-2014 school year. The planners have advertisements for various EMU Programs placed at the beginning of every month to inform students that these programs exist and what they do.

Our primary audience for this project was incoming freshman who are new to campus and looking for ways to get involved. The planners were handed out for free to freshman during Summer Orientation, a time when they’re usually figuring out their class schedules and what student groups they might want to join.

My Role

I collaborated with another designer in this project, with the work split pretty evenly. First, we came up with the general organization and the content we wanted to include. Intuition and personal experience told us that the EMU is an extremely confusing place to navigate (even for upperclassmen). This is why I designed a room directory and QR code link to a mobile-friendly map of the building. The planners also included: a monthly calendar view, ample room for notes, an EMU Ad before every month, a place to fill in your class schedule before every term, and of course the weekly spreads with lots of room to write in homework info or what have you. The weekly spreads included basic information like holidays, but also events happening in the EMU that freshman might not necessarily hear about. Our designs stayed within the EMU style guidelines that our office had agreed upon before this project began.

What I Learned

I learned a great deal about printing and designing for print with this project. Our measurements had to be exact, taking into account where the binding and bleeds would be. For cost reasons, we chose to do a two-color print job (black/grey and a pantone green), which actually freed up some money in our budget to spend on a nice card stock for the cover. We were also very lucky to get to work with the people at UO Printing & Mailing Services ( those guys have a tough job, so I’ll openly suck up to them).