PNWArt Annual

About the Project

The Pacific Northwest Art Annual is an annual, juried art competition that is organized by the University of Oregon’s Cultural Forum. The winner of the competition has their work purchased by the University who then adds it to their permanent collection.

My Role

My initial role was to design handbills with a call to action to get artists to submit their work to the competition. Then I created tabloid posters for the show itself and the reception where they announce the winner. For esthetics, my options were pretty open, although the client did want me to emphasize the local, “Pacific Northwest” theme of the competition.

What I Learned

This project had a very fast turnaround, so what I struggled with most was making a quick, definitive decision on strategy. I finally chose the headline, “Showcase Your Art at UO!” (on the other side of the handbill) as my way of targeting Art Students to get involved. I thought emphasizing that their work would be in a show would be a good way to peak interest. As for the photos, I frequently shoot film photography as a hobby so I had a bunch of forest shots on hand. The client liked the direction (very PNW), especially since they were trying to get more photography submissions that year.