Queer FilmFestival

About the Project

The Queer Film Festival is a 3-day, annual event hosted by the University of Oregon’s Cultural Forum. QFF showcases work by the LGBTQ community’s actors, writers, and directors.

My Role

With a logo already established from the previous year, it was my task to create a visual identity for this year’s event. I wanted it to be unique and recognizable, but not clash with the overall branding that our audience had become accustomed to. Essentially, my job was to get the word out about the festival (which, on campus, is usually best achieved via print materials), and to provide schedule information at the festival itself, which I decided would be best achieved with printed programs.

What I Learned

Things change. A lot. I had a tough time adjusting my work to keep up with the client’s ever-changing schedule information. I probably could have allowed more negative space in the designs for those inevitable last-minute changes. And while this job sounded like a pretty straightforward one, it was difficult to decide on esthetics because my options seemed so wide open. I knew I wanted something colorful, but certainly no gender-specific colors. I also considered using a photo from one of the previous years’ movies, but choosing just one photo to represent an event that was so diverse just didn’t seem right. That’s when I came up with the neutral pattern that you see here.