Music on the Half Shell

Deliverables Branded Print Collateral, Signage, Badges
Skills Used Illustration, Graphic Design
Completed 2018

Music on the Half Shell is a summer concert series that takes place each year in Roseburg, Oregon. This event is a big part of my hometown’s heritage, so when my work was chosen for the 2018 series, I was definitely stoked.

My goals for this project were simple: visually express the vibrance and fun that Half Shell stands for, appeal to a younger demographic, and use a fresh approach while still incorporating branding elements.

Deliverables included the main lineup poster, backstage passes, various merch and tees, and gifts for this year’s sponsors which were blankets with a patch sewn on that I screenprinted and designed to reference the quilt squares from the poster.

2018 Lineup Poster

My approach to this year’s collateral was to create a one-of-a-kind illustration that encompassed an aspect of Half Shell culture that we hadn’t focused on in past years: the blanket.

On Half Shell days, people will come to the park as early as 5am to claim their spot for that evening’s show by laying down their blanket or quilt. Seeing the park’s grassy hills covered with a patchwork of blankets is definitely the norm on Half Shell days.